If safety is on your mind, Security Source can help! We have the products to keep you safe and the expertise to help you use them. Whatever you need to make your life more secure, Security Source is here for you. Come to us for residential or commercial safes, personal safety items, and other home security products such as CCTV systems. And don’t forget to visit our Spy Shop, which is full of innovative gear and surveillance systems for your work or hobby!

Residential Safes

If someone has broken into your home, why make it easy for them to take what’s yours? With a residential safe from Security Source, your important papers, valuable jewelry, and other items that are priceless to you can be protected from harm. We offer safes made to keep your guns from getting into the wrong hands and safes that can protect your important items not just from theft but from fire and flood damage, too. Whether you need a safe that is large or small, traditional or biometric, we have a wide variety of safes to choose from, and our expert staff can help you find the one that is perfect for you! Visit Security Source today and start protecting what matters most to you!

Commercial Safes

When you run a business, you not only have to be concerned with burglary, but employee theft as well. Don’t leave your business and all you’ve worked for vulnerable to thieves — get a commercial safe from Security Source! Our tough and durable commercial safes come in different sizes to protect your cash and other assets, as well as all of your important documents. Our staff can help you to decide which safe is right for your business needs, and of course we’ll provide professional delivery and installations services to protect your purchase. You’ve worked hard to start and run your business — make sure you protect what is yours!

Safe Wraps

Your safe takes up some room in your home or business, so why not use it to make a statement, with our custom safe wraps? With our safe wraps your safe doesn’t just look like a safe — it has the look you want, whether you want your company’s logo on your commercial safe or the mascot of your family’s favorite football team on your home safe. Choose from one of our safe wrap designs or bring us a design of your own. At Security Source, we offer not just security, but security with style and meaning!

Home Security

At Security Source, we know what it takes to make you feel safe in your home!
We offer DIY alarm systems, cameras, heavy duty locks, and anything else that you need to feel safe. But we don’t just sell you these items and then send you on your way — our experts listen to your needs and concerns, so they can advise you what kind of alarm system to get, and what else you might need for that feeling of real safety. Whatever you need for your home security, Security Source can help!

DIY & Home Automation

At Security Source, we have a variety of alarms, including those that you can install yourself! Stop by and take a look at our DIY security systems, get an expert’s opinion on the one that might be right for you, and do it yourself — keeping in mind we’re always available to help, of course! We also sell the latest in-home automation to turn your home into a smart home! You’ll be able to use your phone or other device to set your alarm, control your thermostat, and so much more.
Make your home safer and smarter, with help from Security Source!

Spy Shop

Whether it’s a hobby, private investigation, or governmental position, when you need cutting-edge spy gear and technology solutions, Security Source is Albuquerque’s most trusted retailer. Our decades of experience in the security industry has allowed us to gain valuable insights and access to some of the most innovative spy gadgets on the market. From business owners needing to keep an eye on company vehicles, to parents who question a babysitter’s legitimacy, to professional, private investigators seeking equipment tailored to their needs, Security Source has products that allow you to get answers.

Personal Safety

It seems like the world is getting scarier and more dangerous all the time, and you may not feel safe leaving your home anymore. Stop living in fear — you can feel safe once again with a personal safety product from Security Source! We have pepper spray, batons, knives, and more for personal safety, and an expert staff that can answer your questions and help you decide which personal safety item may be best for you or your loved one. Let Security Source help you have peace of mind!