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Security Source has been your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most for over 75 years. Our series of informational videos is designed to enhance your understanding of the latest security solutions and products available in the market. Dive into detailed demonstrations, expert insights, and real-world applications directly from the manufacturers. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current systems or explore new security technologies, our videos will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions tailored to your unique security needs.

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American Security Safes (AMSEC)

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Fontana, CA, American Security is the leading U.S. manufacturer of custom safes for homes and businesses, offering an extensive range of products including gun safes and high-security units. Known for its innovative approach over 75 years, the brand is highly favored by locksmiths for its superior burglary and fire protection features.

Hollon Safe Company

Hollon Safe Company is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality safes and security solutions. Established with a commitment to providing reliable protection for valuables, documents, and firearms, Hollon Safe has built a strong reputation for its durable products and innovative designs. With a focus on security, convenience, and peace of mind for its customers, Hollon Safe continues to be a trusted name in the industry, offering a wide range of safes tailored to various needs, from home and office security to commercial and industrial applications.


SABRE® is a leading provider of personal safety, home security, and law enforcement products. With over four decades of experience, SABRE® offers innovative solutions designed to protect individuals and families. Their extensive range of products includes pepper sprays, home alarms, and safety accessories, all engineered for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. Committed to empowering people with the tools and knowledge to stay safe, SABRE® continually invests in product development and safety education. Trusted globally, SABRE® ensures you can live confidently, knowing you are protected.
SABRE® Personal Alarm w/LED
SABRE® Pepper Gel
SABRE® Runner Pepper Gel w/Adjustable Strap
SABRE® Compact Pepper Spray
SABRE® Tactical Pepper Gel
SABRE® Pepper Spray w/Glow in the Dark Case
SABRE® Door Security Bar w/Alarm
SABRE® Door Stop Alarm
SABRE® Door Handle Alarm
SABRE® Door & Window Alarm