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The Best Spy Gear in Albuquerque

We’re proud to be able to offer our customers a great selection of advanced spy gear and equipment, available in our Security Source Spy Shop in Albuquerque! From concealed cameras and surveillance systems to audio recording equipment and more, let us help you find the perfect piece of gear to meet your requirements!

No matter if you are a business owner, a parent, a private investigator with a need for a special piece of equipment, or maybe you just love having a new gadget to play with—whatever you need, and whatever you need it for, our Spy Shop has it! Trust in our expertise to advise you on which one of our advanced pieces of equipment will work best for you.

State-of-the-Art Security

If you’re serious about security, then there’s only one place to turn to for professional knowledge and the industry’s latest tech—Security Source! We have the equipment to meet any need, such as CCTV and security cameras and home security systems that you can monitor from your smartphone. We also carry the latest in safe technology, such as biometric safes that unlock using a fingerprint reader or code input.

You can feel confident knowing that when you choose the specialists at Security Source, you not only have access to a wide array of the latest spy equipment and safety and security systems, our professionals have decades of experience to ensure you receive the highest level of customer care. Albuquerque residents and businesses have turned to us for over 75 years to provide knowledgeable service and an unbeatable selection of the newest and most dependable products.

Browse our showroom in person and get first-class help to find spy gear and safety systems at a competitive price!