Safe Delivery


Expert Albuquerque Safe Delivery

So you’ve decided to purchase a safe for your home or business, that’s great! Not only are safes a durable, high-security solution for protecting your most valuable belongings, they’re convenient, transportable, and customizable, too!

Whether you’ve chosen a state-of-the-art biometric safe to store your business’s cash or you’ve chosen a beautiful, antique safe to protect your home’s most prized possessions, Security Source in Albuquerque has safes of all shapes, sizes, brands, and functions to meet your needs. Once our experts have helped you select the right safe, we continue our care by providing professional safe delivery to ensure your new purchase makes it to its new home with certainty.

Getting your new safe into your home or business can not only be tricky, but dangerous as well – as safes can weigh anywhere from 100 to 1,000 pounds and are difficult to manage. That’s why we have trained specialists that understand the best ways to transport your safe. In addition to keeping safety in mind, we also respect your privacy. Rather than letting your entire neighborhood or the businesses around you know that you’re getting a new safe delivered, we operate with discretion. We make our safe deliveries in an unmarked vehicle and take special precautions to place your safe where you want it without doing any damage to your walls or floors while being mindful of how much time we’re taking.


Service You Can Trust

We take great pride in our customer service. To us, it’s not enough to simply have a great selection of products if the service falls flat. You can count on our experts to provide experienced advice and knowledge on what we have in our showroom, and offer professional, high-quality safe delivery that respects your time, your privacy, and your property. These are just a few of the reasons why Albuquerque has been turning to Security Source for over 75 years!

If you’re ready to secure your valuables from theft, protect them against fire and water damage, or keep dangerous items from getting into the wrong hands