Residential Safes


Think of all the belongings that you couldn’t bear to lose, or those important papers that you and your family would be lost without. Whatever valuable items you want to protect, Security Source has the safe for you!

One of the first reasons many people think to get a safe is to protect personal belongings from thieves. At Security Source in Albuquerque, we carry a variety of safes that can prevent theft, but we also carry so much more!

  • If your home is exposed to fire or a flood, a fireproof or waterproof safe can protect your most treasured belongings. Whether it’s your family’s photo albums, irreplaceable documents, or priceless momentos, with our fire & waterproof safes, you can rest assured that the items that are most important to you have survived.
  • We also have gun safes that make it easy for you to keep guns out of the wrong hands — including curious little hands — while allowing you easy access when you need it.
  • Biometric safes are the height of safe technology, and we stock a variety to choose from! These safes don’t have traditional locks, instead, they use a fingerprint reader and a digital code input, which make it easy to quickly get into the safe when necessary.

We are the only Pro Series Dealer of Browning Safes in New Mexico.

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Variety & Expertise

Our safes come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and the space you have, no matter how large or small. We even offer high-security solutions with modular vaults. If you’re looking for a safe that not only protects your things but also makes a decor statement, we have antique safes, which are not only useful but also beautiful! When you need variety, you can trust in Security Source to have the high-quality products you want!

For over 75 years, Security Source has been providing security solutions for Albuquerque’s families and businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers find what they need to protect their most valuable items and offer a showroom full of safes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a jewelry safe, fire safe, or a large gun safe, we’re confident you’ll find what you need at Security Source! The best part is, once you do find the perfect safe, our experts will provide professional, white-glove delivery and installation as well.

Protect the things that matter. Get started with a safe from Security Source in Albuquerque today!