Safe Services

At Security Source, our mission is to help both residents and business owners of Albuquerque protect what matters most to them. In addition to offering a wide selection of the industry’s most advanced safes, our experts also provide professional safe delivery and installation to ensure your purchase gets to you smoothly and is installed the right way. Providing exceptional quality service is just one of the many reasons Security Source has been proudly serving New Mexico for over half a century!

Safe Delivery

Depending on its size and purpose, the weight of a safe can reach an upwards of almost 1,000 lbs.—and as such, should be handled only by professionals. Security Source offers white glove safe delivery to ensure your safe reaches its destination in a timely fashion. Our specialists understand that the delivery of safes means much more than handling heavy items; your safe delivery must also be treated with discretion. That’s why Security Source makes safe deliveries in an unmarked vehicle to ensure your privacy is protected from prying eyes. Once you’ve found the perfect safe to meet your home’s or business’s needs, trust in our professionals to provide high-quality deliveries you can count on!

Safe Installation

Whether you’re looking to install a safe in your home or business, you can turn to Security Source to provide careful, knowledgeable installations that you can trust in. If a safe is not installed properly, not only can it damage the surrounding area, but it can make the safe vulnerable to theft. Our professionals have the training to help you protect your investment and the items you’re trying to safekeep. No matter if you’re looking to install a new or existing safe, Security Source has extensive experience installing a wide range of both commercial and residential safes. If you’re ready to secure your purchase safely and efficiently, reach out to our experts today!

Safe Repair

If your safe isn’t working right, your cash, important papers, and other valuable belongings might as well be left out in the open for someone to take. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to theft by having a broken safe — call the experts at Security Source for safe repair! We can repair any kind of safe, including fire safes, modular vaults, and biometric safes, at your home or business. We can help even if you didn’t buy your safe from us. If your safe isn’t working right, you may regret it if you don’t get it fixed right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late — call Security Source today!

Home Delivery of Safes

Don’t let just anyone install your safe, our professional white glove service will deliver your purchase to your home anonymously to ensure your safety and keep your personal business private. When carrying the safe into your home, know that we take every precautionary measure to avoid causing any damages. These safes can weigh anywhere from 90 lbs. to an upwards of 700-800 lbs., and if installed incorrectly can scratch, dent, and even crack your tile or wood flooring. To eliminate this problem, we utilize innovative steel tiles to protect your property and your purchase.

Business Delivery of Safes

Your business has valuables that need safe-keeping, too. At Security Source, we’ve worked with commercial companies for years in keeping all of their property safe, and this includes timely, discreet delivery of safes. From restaurants to banks and every type of business between, we value your work and want to help protect you. Our delivery procedures include arriving in an unmarked vehicle, so as to not alert those in the area, a team that will unload, unpack, and cleanly install your new safe, as well as help to answer any questions you might have about the operation and features of your newest safety addition. All of this is done without interrupting day to day service of your customers.