When to Call a Professional Locksmith

You may not think about just how much a locksmith does, until your safety is compromised or you’re in a panic because you’ve locked yourself out of your home or business. Locks are both the most commonly used and the most underappreciated safety device of all time. Locks keep people in and unwanted things out, and are the first defense against  burglaries or theft. Locksmiths are used more often than you think, and you may find yourself having to call one from time to time. So what can an Albuquerque locksmith do for you? Turns out, quite a bit!

What Does a Locksmith Do?

When you think about locksmiths, you generally think about them remaking keys and rekeying your locks, but they actually do a lot more than that! In fact, locksmiths have a big influence on your safety and know ways to make your business or home safer. Here are examples of what a locksmith can do for you:

  • Troubleshoot locks – Locks wear down overtime and become less effective. Locksmiths check deadlatches, alignment, and deadbolts which can eventually lead to lock failure if not properly maintained—resulting in easier access for thieves whether its a home or business.
  • Rekey – If you have an old roommate or an ex-employee that still has the key to your home or establishment that you don’t want getting in, locksmiths can provide you with a whole new lock system and set of keys for every door in your house or business. This prevents people from getting in who should not have access, and provides safety for the people and possessions inside. This is also a wise step if you have just moved into a new home or rental!
  • Provide duplicates – Locksmiths can duplicate keys with precision for cases when someone else needs access to a building. Professionally made duplicates work more accurately than those made at your local hardware store.
  • High-quality locks – Locksmiths can provide you with higher quality locks than a hardware store and they can properly install them for you so that you have the highest protection for your residential or commercial property. Locksmiths can install padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, lever handle locks, wall mounted locks, biometric locks, and more!
  • Additional hardware – Additional hardware can also be purchased through locksmiths, such as more door reinforcement, optical door viewers, and technology to strengthen your door in vulnerable spots where forced-entry is easiest.
  • Locked out – A professional locksmith can help you in an emergency if you are locked out of your home, office building, or car. After a situation like this, you may need another key made if it was lost or another lock, in which case a locksmith can also help!

Your Trusted Albuquerque Locksmith
Keys and locks are important to your family’s and business’s wellbeing and the first defense against intruders and break-ins. We work hard for our possessions, and locksmiths are the key to ensuring protection against any faulty lock. If you are in need of a rekey or duplicate key service than call the Albuquerque locksmiths at Security Source to protect you against any future threats today! (505) 796-1111