When to Call a Professional Locksmith

You may not think about just how much a locksmith does, until your safety is compromised or you’re in a panic because you’ve locked yourself out of your home or business. Locks are both the most commonly used and the most underappreciated safety device of all time. Locks keep people in and unwanted things out, and are the first defense … Read More

Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Do you have summer vacation on the brain? We don’t blame you! With warmer weather fast approaching, it’s hard not to start thinking about where and what you want to do for summer vacation. Even with all the excitement of planning your vacation, it’s important to think about your home while you are away. Nothing is worse than coming back … Read More

Is Theft Claiming Your Retail Business?

Many retail stores are faced with losing goods from both employee and customer theft. Unfortunately, product loss seems to be an unavoidable occurrence in the retail industry. However, there are a few things you can do as a retail business owner or manager to help deter theft and reduce inventory shrinkage. With Security Source’s help, we can get your business … Read More

Benefits of Having an Alarm System

In a recent FBI report, New Mexico was named the 2nd highest in the nation for home break-ins. While this information is not to deter you from living in New Mexico, it is to inform you of the potential risk your home may face. For many of us, New Mexico is our home and a great place to live. From … Read More

New Home? Hire an Albuquerque Locksmith

Moving into a new home can be extremely exciting, but also challenging at the same time. There is so much to consider when moving into a new home like paint colors, furniture, fixtures, and so much more! Generally however, many new homeowners forget about the safety of their home in the midst of all the moving shenanigans. It’s important to … Read More

The Benefits of Biometric Locks for Your Business

Do you have a place of business that needs tight and trusted secure access? Maybe even places that have restricted areas that only a few personnel can have access to? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you may want to consider biometric entry for your place of business. At Security Source, we pride ourselves on having … Read More

Why Fire Safes Are Crucial to Any Home or Business

We all have those items that mean the world to us. It could be a heartfelt birthday card, your great grandmother’s wedding ring, or important documents – whatever it may be, the thought of losing these valuables due to a burglary, fire, or natural disaster is both unimaginable and heart breaking. That’s why a fire file cabinet or fire safe … Read More

Why An Old Lock Won’t Cut It

We’re all familiar with locks; they’re the main security mechanism for many things that we interact with daily. From our cars to our homes, having a secure lock system is a great way to stay safe. Locks can be used on a variety of things such as gates, file cabinets, gun safes, etc. However, with any lock comes its faults. … Read More

8 Reasons You Need a Security Camera

Have you been debating whether or not to get security cameras for your home or business? At Security Source, we’ve seen firsthand how having a surveillance system in place has helped both Albuquerque homes and commercial retailers. We’ve put together 8 ways CCTVs can protect your property so you can make an informed decision about your security. Protect from intruders … Read More

Home Security During the Holiday Season

We all hope that during the cheery holiday season our personal belongings or gift purchases will go un-bothered. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, it makes sense that crime rates actually increase around holidays. According to the FBI 2012 crime report, about 1 in 36 homes are burglarized, and that ratio increases during the holiday season. The … Read More